To all our Customers,

In light of the increasing global effects of COVID 19, we are witness to daily changes in the industrial world.

In these challenging times, when today’s reality is restructuring all our lives when, rules, and laws by which we live by, change from day to day, we aim to continue to serve our customers to the best of our ability.
We are also committed to government health stipulations and regulations for the wellbeing of our employees and others who enter the plant for its smooth running.

Amid this confusion and limitations, Polyrit is one of the few companies considered as an essential place of work and is still producing. This situation has compelled us to reorganize and modify our strategies accordingly.

At times like this, a company needs to test its resilience strengths, interaction, and work relations between team members and between teams.

In these tough moments, Polyrit is utilizing this unexpected crisis as a springboard for new development and growth, focusing on the markets for which we produce.

  • Polyrit has unique capabilities that offer solutions for numerous industries, manufacturing its products from polyurethane-based raw materials because of its particular properties.
  • Polyurethane based products that Polyrit manufactures soft foam like products, flexible products, and rigid products that can replace fiberglass and provide solutions for plastics in middling to small quantities of products.
    Polyrit specializes in finding solutions for designing low priced molds for covers for massive industrial commodities.

The Company is an expert for providing engineering solutions for various types of insulation, i.e., thermal, acoustic, or electrical.
Besides, Polyrit has the knowledge to turn an idea into a product. We start with engineering planning, through modeling, preparing the prototype, and then production. Polyrit can manufacture products in series in any quantity, finding ways to decrease costs by using alternative technologies and materials wherever required.

Polyrit manufactures seats for trains for leading railway companies. We can only hope that when this crisis is over, we will jump back to our routine production and Polyrit, and our customers will continue to prosper.

We are happy to say that Polyrit and our customers have developed a special relationship that is the backbone of success.

I’m taking this opportunity to wish all our customers and families a Happy Pesach and Happy Easter. Good Health to all.

My Best Regards,
David Bitton

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