MCI (Motor Coach Industry) Company was seeking a solution for reducing weight, improving appearance accuracy and streamlining the production method of the assembly lines of their buses.
During a marketing tour in North America with our representative in place, Polyrit and other companies were asked to suggest a solution.

The Challenge:

To adapt RIM (Reaction Injection Molding) technology for injecting polyurethane into an existing product of the customer, with emphasis on reducing weight from 20 to 15 kg, while maintaining and even improving mechanical properties, such as power and durability, as well improving the visibility of a product that was previously produced by tin welding.

Customized design for streamlining the assembly process to help the customer.

The solution:

Polyrit was up for the challenge and carried out few designing and analysis rounds. After 4 months, Polyrit offered a solution that was adapted to the customers’ requirements.

  • Combining materials in the injections stages from the polyurethane world injected on metals.
  • Significant reduction of the final product (by 28%)
  • We incorporated mounting screws in precise molded locations that locations which enabled better and more convenient operation of the product. Adding grip anchors to the product, allowing faster and more stable mounting. Reducing costs by about 35% in the final procurement of the product.


The innovation Polyrit created for MCI is now produced regularly and adapted to all similar buses, making the MCI working method simpler.

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