Polyrit was contacted by National Security officials with the purpose of planning and producing a compact product that assists in obtaining information: picture, audio, the temperature of the environment from an inaccessible area, for example, a building where people are kept hostage, or a burning compound.

The Challenge:

To create a protected, durable ball that will be tossed into the “hostile space”, able to withstand extremely harsh environments, maintain its electronic contents, be shock-proof and stabilize itself during a fall, for the sake of recording and transmitting a direct source of information.

The solution:

Polyrit took part in the design of the eyeball, contributing to the creation of a highly impressive result.

  • Polyrit used a unique raw material for the benefit of developing the Eyeball with high energy absorption in order to absorbs the shock of the fall and retaining the electronic devices hidden within. It includes a microphone, camera, thermometer, memory card, night vision, and more.
  • A ball was created with the capability of 360 degrees rotation, transmitting a stable image, thanks to stabilizers hidden inside and enabling it to straighten out upon landing.
  • The material is injected directly above the electron components, which makes it impossible to open up or disassemble the product, preventing any form of theft or copying of the technology.
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