Stanley Company approached Polyrit with a new development idea: a lunch box , based and incorporated within the company’s existing toolbox.
The purpose of the conversation was to offer planning based on the most stringent insulation requirements for retaining the temperature for a few days.

The Challenge:

Adjusting and applying the insulated polyurethane material to Stanley cooling containers while retaining the insulation and cooling for 3 days, based on laboratory standard tests in this area, while

maintaining the external configuration of the product by using existing molds.

The solution:

Polyrit took on the challenge and offered a customized solution combining engineering and technological capabilities:

We adapted the material to the customer’s stringent requirements.

Planning unique and cost effective molds, adapted to the final configuration of the product, and the nature of the project (mass production) with modifications on the customer’s initial product,  hence saving additional costs.


Polyrit’s solution was a success and performed better than expected:

The insulation presented by Polyrit scored over 5 days of insulation in the laboratory test.

Stanley is now one of Polyrits biggest clients, marketing its products in the US and European markets, achieving great success and full recognition in the private sector.

Today, Stanley and Polyrit teams are working together on a new project in the field, which talks about volumes of the great achievements of the cooler project.

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