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Polyrit is a recognized expert in manufacturing both injected and molded polyurethane in different sizes and weights, ranging from a few dozen grams to 25 kg. What sets Polyrit apart is its ability to produce a wide range of polyurethane materials using reaction injection molding (RIM) technology.

This wide variety of materials allows Polyrit to offer the most accurate solutions while adhering to international and local standards.

Our major advantage is the ability to offer overall engineering support, from the moment of presenting requirements, first design drafts through the establishment of a quality control program for all products, and production processes to final delivery.

The company’s engineering department uses the cutting-edge technologies required for creating the needed components and products with various features: rigidity, density, and mechanism.

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Polyrit applies an advanced painting technique, in mold coating (IMC), which guarantees high quality and efficient painting of mainly flexible products, used in industries such as automotive and high-tech.

IMC colors are based on polyurethane and offer a wide variety of shades, which guarantee perfect match and unified appearance for all products. During the process, the paint, which is produced especially for the material, is sprayed over the mold’s surface prior to the injection of foamed polyurethane.

As a result, the sprayed paint becomes an integral part of the product and blends with the molded material in a perfect and homogeneous way, giving it a uniform smooth appearance and impressive finish.

The IMC technique provides us with full control over the product’s visibility in terms of both shade and gloss levels, enabling us to provide our customers with products that match their vision perfectly.

Polyrit applies IMC technology in most of its flexible products, according to the customer requirements, allowing design freedom in choosing the shade that suits the product’s visual purpose.

Key benefits of IMC technology:

  • Long-term durability and improved abrasion resistance
  • UV resistance – the implementation of this unique paint yields better results, preventing discoloration in cases of extended exposure to sunlight.
  • Pleasant feel – IMC results in a soft and subtle surface.
  • Homogeneous surface – controlled glossing gives the product an aesthetic and uniform appearance, providing an option to manage the level of gloss and final finish of the product.
  • Easy to clean – the durability of the IMC paints makes cleaning easy without risk of damage to quality.

Polyrit is committed to using high-quality raw materials and applying methods and techniques that meet the high quality level, ensuring that our customers receive products of great durability.

Assembly & Integration

What sets Polyrit apart from other polyurethane manufacturers is the fact that we have the ability to assemble your entire product, not only the parts manufactured by us.

We can integrate a full project with all the required parts, and sub-assemblies, up to packing labelling and delivery – providing a ready for sale product.

Final Inspection

At Polyrit, we understand the importance of delivering products that meet the highest standards of quality. We are committed to carrying out a comprehensive final examination to make sure that your product meets your specific requirements.

Our final inspection process includes a thorough visual examination of your product to check for any defects or irregularities. If required, we will then use advanced testing methods to verify the quality and performance of your product, to ensure that it meets the desired quality and standard based on the level of rigidity and flexibility required.

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Polyrit specializes in precision molding, transforming your initial ideas into high-quality functional products. Our engineers are experts in molding techniques and take into consideration various parameters to ensure the success of your project.

Our team carefully selects the appropriate material for your product, considering factors such as durability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. We consider the expected production volume to optimize the molding process, ensuring efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Polyrit designs molds that are not only efficient but also ergonomic and easy to operate. Our molds are tailored to your product’s specifications, ensuring high-quality results.

Advanced CNC (computer numerical control) machines: our state-of-the-art CNC machines can produce molds of various sizes, from 1.60m up to 3m, with precision and efficiency. We use aluminum or steel molds based on your production volume and requirements.

Polyrit is committed to delivering high-quality molds, ensuring that your final product meets all industry standards and customer expectations.

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Painting polyurethane products is the last stage of the exciting production process of covers and equipment. Our painting department has acquired significant experience in applying the best raw materials available to guarantee a perfect and beautifully painted product. We are proud of our experience of shipping tens of thousands of carefully painted products that adhere to the highest standards and requirements.

The painting process is comprised of spraying and drying at room temperature. All our products are painted using the “wet paint” method, which allows for a wide choice of colors, as well as finishing options, such as paint with texture (fine to coarse), smooth coloring, coloring with metallic hues, and combining two colors on one product. The wet painting is conducted in a large, ventilated area, enabling Polyrit to be highly flexible in painting products of all sizes. 

Our paint department specializes in matching the finishing and the paint to the requirements of the specific polyurethane product, catering to various requirements including UV-durability, chemical resistance, moisture resistance, and features such as conductivity and flexibility.

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Polyrit can package your final product based on your instructions and requirements and can help you develop the packaging that will best suit your needs.

Supply Chain

Polyrit offers comprehensive supply chain solutions, managing every aspect from sourcing raw materials to shipping the final product. Our expertise ensures a seamless process from start to finish.

We have established relationships with reliable providers of raw materials, ensuring a steady supply of high-quality materials for your products. Polyrit coordinates packaging and works with subcontractors to streamline the manufacturing process and ensure timely delivery of your products.

We provide flexible shipping options and can deliver your goods anywhere in the world, while ensuring efficient and cost-effective shipping solutions. To meet unforeseen demands, Polyrit maintains safety stock in strategic global locations, guaranteeing continuity of supply.