Head Knocker Panel

When Daimler approached Polyrit, they requested an effective solution for protecting the heads of the truck drivers in cases of sudden braking.

The challenge:
Create a panel 2-meter-long that is sensitive and shock absorbent. It has to blend homogeneously and aesthetically within the Daimler (Mercedes) vehicles and provide sufficient defense against a collision of the driver’s head in the front of the cabin.

An additional challenge was the need for the unique design of removing the product, whose geometric shape included a cut that is opposite the angle of extraction, allowing easy and simple extraction from the long mold during the production process.

The Solution:
The knowledge and the experience of Polyrit’s development teams enabled the creation of the solution, planning, and execution of the long panel (2 meters) made from polyurethane Integral Skin.

The material chosen was defined by the need for durability was coated with a high-quality external shell with a most  unique texture..

The panel is easy for the customer to mount and meets the highest requirements.

Polyrit manufactures this product ever since, as well as additional products for Daimler