The IMC (In Mold Coating) is an advanced painting technique, that focuses on high quality and efficient painting of mainly flexible products, typical to automotive and high-tech industries in Israel and worldwide.

The IMC colors are also based on polyurethane, and there’s a wide variety of shades, that allow for a perfect match and unified appearance for all products created by using the method.

IMC technique is carried out by spraying paint especially produced for the material across the surface of the mold, prior to the injection of the foamed polyurethane.

This way, the sprayed paint becomes an integral part of the product and blends with the molded material most perfectly and homogeneously, giving it a uniform, smooth appearance, and impressive finish. IMC technique allows full control over the product’s visibility in terms of both shade and gloss levels. It provides Polyrit’s customers the products that match their vision perfectly.

Polyrit applies In Mold Coating technology in most of its flexible products, according to the customer requirements, allowing design freedom in choosing the shade that suits the product’s visual purpose.

Key benefits of IMC technology:

Long-term durability and improved abrasion resistance

UV resistance – The implementation of the unique paint yields better results against discoloration in cases of extended exposure to sunlight.

Pleasant touch –   In Mold Coating results to a soft and subtle surface.

Homogeneous surface– The painting technique gives the product an aesthetic and uniform appearance Controlled glossing – gives the option to control the level of gloss and final finish of the product.

Easy to clean – The durability of the IMC paints makes cleaning easy, without risk of damage to quality.

Polyrit assures the use of high-quality raw materials, as well as applying methods and techniques at an international level, ensuring that our customers receive products of the highest quality and durability.

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