It is four decades since Polyrit became an integral part of Kibbutz Zikim. The Company employs a significant number of Kibbutz members and employees from the nearby towns of Ashkelon, Sderot and the vicinity. Recently Polyrit celebrated its fortieth anniversary, about 70 people, including the founders and present generation personnel, representatives from various industries, and VIP’s,  associated with Polyrit together with their spouses, participated.

Today Polyrit manufactures products from polyurethane offering solutions for products that combine polyurethane and other materials for a varied range of industries in Israel and throughout the world. Some of these products are covers for devices for the biotechnical industry, machine covers, and auxiliary products, and covers for industrial printers. Polyrit also offers solutions from polyurethane for insulating mobile commodities besides manufacturing seats, handles and, supplemental items for heavy vehicles.

During the last four decades, The Company has exhibited numerous polyurethane solutions for multiple industries and products.

Polyrit started its way in the early eighties, manufacturing, shoe soles.

Without compromising and cutting corners, the factory manufactured thousands and thousands of differently designed shoe soles using molds created by Polyrit, according to fashion trends of the period.

Since polyurethane has proved itself as a suitable component for shoe soles, many shoe manufacturers showed great interest in the success of this material, it whetted Polyrit’s appetite to utilize the material for other products.

In later years new molds for additional items replaced the models for soles. In the nineties, Polyrit manufactured office furniture, and by the beginning of the 21st-century, Polyrit began producing articles for the heavy vehicle industry: backrests and handles for seats. Of course, Polyrit made internal and external parts for “Freightliner,” later, Daimler, that was one of Polyrit’s leading customers.

In the last ten years, Polyrit developed a new line, seats for passenger trains, and now works side by side with Bombadier, Simones, Alstom, and the Israel Railway Company.

Polyrit has brought about a complete, incredible transformation in the Company set up as a result of the owner’s and management’s vision together with the employees’ support and commitment.

Polyrit works continuously to develop new products and cutting edge production methods.

 Today the Company engages in production for all walks of modern life: biotechnology, advanced technologies, the automotive industry, while continually developing it’s customer’s visions.

Presently, Polyrit specializes in designing, finding creative and ingenious solutions for products requested by a customer.

On with an excellent job, Polyrit!  The Polyrit team is always there!

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